The goal that our company intends to pursue and ensure over time is the ever-increasing customer satisfaction; to achieve this, the company strives to meet the requirements, improve and increase the effectiveness of its quality system, its products and its services. Improvement requires the involvement and participation of everybody.

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The objectives of our quality system are based on the following points:

1. An extensive and frequent involvement of all employees is a fundamental prerequisite for the continuous improvement of products and services.

2. The activities planned by the Quality System are the tool for the effective involvement, as mentioned above; it contributes actively to the improvement of products and services.

3. In the framework of these planning activities, as well as at any moment of the work program, ideas and proposals for improvement should be favoured. Interpersonal COMMUNICATION should be in the foreground, for a continuous exchange of information.

4. Each Manager has the task of coordinating his or her own employees, directing them towards continuous improvement.

5. Quality means doing things right the first time. This involves a greater initial commitment, but reduces the amount of corrections over time.

6. Each employee is part of the customer/supplier relationship within the company. Just as a “Customer” should cooperate to improve the service of his “Supplier”, a “Supplier” must provide the best possible service to his “Customer”, leading to his satisfaction.

7. The Management, taking as the starting point the needs of the customer and the market, defines an annual Improvement Plan, specifying the objectives for each year. Based on the Management’s indications, each individual Manager must develop his or her own Quality Objectives.

8. Our suppliers must be involved in our improvement program. They are, in fact, a link in the production chain.

9. The success of the company requires the professional and cultural improvement of individual resources at all levels. A precise and consistent Training Plan aimed at real growth must therefore be identified.

10. The Improvement Plan, in all its phases, represents a priority element for the Head Office and for all Managers, ensuring, therefore, a constant personal commitment to supporting the Plan and monitoring of its performance.