The beginning of a constant growth



Valvital S.p.A., machining; hot forging workshops, is working since 1971. The founders are Cavalier Gino Pellegrini (knighted in Italy for his work achievements) and his son Pier Giorgio Pellegrini, President and CEO. The company operates in the field of forging and mechanical processing. Valvital S.p.A covers an area of 32,000 sq.m, especially 7,000 are indoors. While at first the company specialized in the production of valves for marine engines, at the present time its production has turned to large companies manufacturing tractors, trucks, forklifts, transmissions and gear boxes. After a few years, thanks to the machinery at their disposal and because of an insufficient development of the market in which it operated, the company’s founders decided to move production to what became their today’s field: 1974 brought the introduction of hot forging of transmission shafts, pinions and mechanical production of the axle shafts for tractors and industrial vehicles. Given the favourable performance of the market, the company has expanded on the European and world markets, reaching 93% of the current total turnover value.

valvital azienda

This ability to operate on an increasingly global landscape is made possible thanks to the company’s ability to innovate itself over time, constantly improving its facilities and production equipment. To begin with a few manual machines and with simple up-setting machines for hot forging, finally Valvital S.p.A. owns efficient numerical control machines and new concept presses (screw presses and hydraulic presses) for hot forging. Design and construction of the moulds is particularly made directly by the company. The evolution of its structures has enabled firstly to improve its production capacity, afterward to construct a less hostile work environment, through responsible consumption of environmental resources and raw materials for a progressive reduction of environmental impact. The increased efforts to obtain the ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949 certifications were fundamental to the company’s growth. In the near future the company will also obtain the ISO 18001 certification.

Valvital S.p.A.’s production covers the following areas:

FORGED ROUGH MATERIALS: transmission input shafts, axle shafts for tractors, transmission shafts, pinions, double upset shafts, differential shafts.
PROCESSED GOODS: transmission input shafts, axle shafts for tractors, pinions, brake shafts, shafts in general.

our history

  • 1971  Foundation of Valvital S.p.A. by Cav. Gino Pellegrini and his son Pier Giorgio.
  • 1974  Installation of “AJAX 4” and “6 AJAX” forging machines.
  • 1978  Installation of “NATIONAL 5” forging machines and opening to the European markets.
  • 1995  Introduction of the first semi-automatic line: VACCARI PV 330 screw-press and hydraulic press.
  • 1998  Expansion of the mechanical workshop department through the integration of a new park of CNC machines.
  • 2007  Construction of the new forging department and installation of the first fully robotic PVE 410 line.
  • 2012  Commissioning of the second completely robotic line AMP 360.